The Highwayman poem

Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas – The Highwayman poem. Try to read it out loud, with lots of expression and confidence. Can you use different voices for different characters?

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“The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes – a wonderful sound effect.

Lyric version

When you have finished try to tell the story out loud. What happens
in this narrative poem? Can you summarise this poem into a much shorter version. Do you like this poem? Why?

Cut out the Highwayman Events from the worksheet and try to put them in order. Use today’s free printable worksheet to help you. How did you decide which was the the start?

The poem is a bit mysterious. Write five questions or puzzles that the
poem raises.

Try the Fun Time Extra

Read the Tips for Learning a Poem By heart and try learning the first verse
and some other verses of the poem by heart. Could you perform this to
someone else? Your older relatives may know the poem from school.

Learn this song

Horrible Histories Songs – Dick Turpin – Was he a good person or a dangerous person? How did he get caught? How did he die? Was he loved or hated by the local population? Why?

Write notes about the life of Dick Turpin.

Highwayman’s Hitch | How to Tie a Highwayman’s Hitch – can you make this knot? When would you use this knot?

Can you use your extended phrases skills to describe this pistol. What is it made from?

The Highwayman poem
The Highwayman poem

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