Subjunctive conjugation

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A Day In The Life Of A Keeper At A Big Cat Sanctuary – would you like to be a zoo keeper? Why? What are the benefits and the problems of being a zoo keeper.

The Big Cat Keeper – would you like to look after these animals?

Read Big Cats Job Application on the worksheet. What skills would you need to look after a big cat? Which big cat is your favourite animal.

What three questions would you ask him?

George Explains…The Subjunctive Form (of Verbs)

The Subjunctive Form Song

Look back in the Big Cats Job Application and try to highlight examples
where the subjunctive has been used for requests or the ‘if…were’

Now go back and write some more sentences of your own. Don’t forget to add plenty of extended noun phrases and descriptive words. Add a few powerful verbs ot make it even better.

Now complete the task of applying for a job using the subjunctive form.

Try the Fun-Time Extras

Role-play a job interview for one of the possible Jobs. What job would you choose? Why would you be considered the best person for the job?

Think of your dream job. Write and draw about what it would involve
doing. Why do you want to do this job? How would you get your job?

Can you draw something with the word dream in it? What other words could you change into a new words.

How to use the subjunctive conjugation
How to use the subjunctive conjugation

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