JK Rowling Harry Potter

Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas – JK Rowling Harry Potter. Have you read all the Books of Harry Potter? Which is your favourite book? Why?

What can you infer about the character Dolores Umbridge from this clip? Write some of your ideas on the worksheet. Why do you think this? What adjectives and extended noun phrases can you use to help your answer. Do you think he is a good character in the story or a bad character?

Read Reading Comprehension Texts A, B and C and answer the questions on them. Check your answers wit/ h the answers of others in the class. Doo you all agree on the answers? Why? Why not?

Fun Time

Can you write what Dolores Umbridge might say in a school report about
Harry, Ron and Hermione. Try to think of how good they are at each of the subjects. What is Hermione good at? What targets would you set her to help her become an even better, more productive student.

Learn this song and repeat. Can you sing this song off by heart? What is the repeating verse? Could you extend this song to other characters or even change the song for a different book you like to read.

Rap Song 2

Which of the Harry Potter raps do you prefer and why?

How many characters can you name?

Can you describe each of their characters? Which character is most like you? Why do you think that? Which character is your favourite character? Why?

Let's read the JK Rowling Harry Potter books together?
Let’s read the JK Rowling Harry Potter books together?

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