Writing description of an alien

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First you need to read “On Some Other Planet” by John Rice. It is good to both watch the video and read the text from the worksheet.

Identify nouns, verbs and adjectives
Using the Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives page, make sure that you remember
how to recognise each of these.

To help you remember them, listen to the song called ‘Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives Song’. You can learn the words and sing along!

Now you need to learn how to turn adjectives and verbs into nouns.

Turn adjectives and verbs into nouns

We can turn some adjectives into nouns using the suffix –ness and some
verbs into nouns using the suffix –er.

Now you can complete the tasks as they have been explained on the worksheet. You can double check the ideas behind this work buy watching the helpful video that you can find below! It is a wonderful reminder on how to do this for adults and children alike!

Now your time to write – see the sheet.

After you have written your fabulous poem, make sure you read it out, decorate it with pictures and check that you have used the very best words you can. Look at your poem and see if you can change 5 words for better words. Don’t forget to also change your verbs into more powerful, descriptive powerful verbs!

End of lesson poem…

How to draw a space alien – draw and describe this alien below.

Can you add this lovely red alien into your picture and add some words about him or her as well!

Writing description of an alien
Writing description of an alien

Don’t forget to share all your lovely work online so everyone else can also enjoy your amazing work!

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