Subordinating conjunctions

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Read the story about the angry cat. Do you understand why the cat was upset. Should she have been upset? How do you think the other animals thought about always having an angry cat near them? Explain your ideas in full sentences.

If you are angry, what could you do to calm down?

Now look at the

Cat’s Clauses and Conjunctions and then read each of Cat’s Sentences. Can you find all the conjunctions? Underline them in one colour. Now look at the conjunctions and underline them in another colour. When you have completed this task, you can check the answers to make sure you got them all correctly done.

Let’s get ready for writing

Look at the sentences and complete all the Dog Clauses to make full new sentences.

Then look at the second part and write both a conjunctions and a clause to complete the frog sentences.

Now write some sentences of your own. If you want to be extra clever, tryinf starting a sentence with a conjunction.

What is a conjunction?

What is a clause?

Here is the clause song.

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

What can I do when I am angry?

Now complete all the writing tasks. How could you calm down an angry friend. How can you avoid getting angry in the future. Getting angry is good because it lets all your feels out – however it is not good to get angry all the time.

Why? Because I say so! Subordinating conjunctions
Why? Because I say so! Subordinating conjunctions

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