St George and the dragon

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First read today’s story and then compare it to this book version. What was the same in both of the stories and what was different. Which version do you prefer and why?

Now for some writing

Read the worksheet page “Feed to the dragon”.

Who would you choose and why? Would it be hard to make the decision. How could you do it fairly? You could put everyone’s names into a bag and pull out the first name. What would be good or bad about this?

You could have a race and the loser is fed to the dragon. Would this be a fairer way of doing this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

How else could you choose someone.

This is the Dragon hunting dance – join in! Dance and move – it has been shown moving during an English lesson makes you fitter and more creative.

Try these Fun-Time Extras
• Draw your own dragon.
• Write about what you do together.

Don’t forget to write very neatly. Make sure you have used some good describing words, capital letters to start a sentence and full stops.

How to Draw Toothless

Now dance like a dragon – brain gym exercise.

This man is fighting the dragon. How is he feeling? /can you tell his story. Does he win or does the dragon win? How do you think the dragon is feeling? Could they become friends instead?

St George and the dragon
St George and the dragon

This is the first lesson in this series.

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