Simile examples

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Listen to a reading of The Whales’ Song by Dyan Sheldon and Gary

Or you can listen to the audio version.

Now answer the questions on the worksheet. Double check your answers with an adult. Focus on words you don’t understand and see if there are different reading strategies you can use to work out their meaning. Any words you learn – try to use them yourself in your own writing so you don’t forget them again.

Introduction to similes – song.

Introduction to similes.

Fun end of lesson dance to this sound track of similes.

In the story, Lily’s Grandma tells her you have to take the whales a special
present or gift if you want them to sing.What do you think a whale might like? What would be a perfect gift for you?

Draw your favourite gift or gifts…

Simile examples
Simile examples

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Can you think about all the things you love to do with your parents, special adults and grandparents. You should draw them a picture and write them a thank letter – this is certain to make them happy and thrilled that you love them enough to thank them.

In the worksheet is a space for you to describe yourself using similes. I am tall as the sky, I am as fat as a house, and I am clever as a super computer. Think of different ways you could compare yourself to something else. This is an excellent way of making your writing more exciting and more interesting to read.

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