Reading poetry

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Aliens stole my underpants by Brian Moses.

Read ‘Aliens Stole My Underpants’

Read this poem with someone else. You could take turns to read the poem. Try to read it out loud using lots of different voices and funny expressions – the funnier you are the better. When you are feeling confident, you could then video tape yourself reading out this funny poem and share it wth your family and friends online.

Answer questions about the poem

Now you need to focus on the comprehension questions on the worksheet. These questions are designed to show you fully understood the poem and that you are able to express your own ideas clearly and confidently.

Now for some writing
What do you think the alien looked like? Try to include lots of exciting, super – descriptive words to help you. On the worksheet you will find the page called ‘My Alien’. Write a paragraph describing it.

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Copy this fun alien dance

How to write a science fiction story.

Learn how to draw an alien. You could then carefully colour it in and add it to your story – write another paragraph where your alien meets this new alien.

You could now extend your story – what will happen next. What would happen if your alien met this green alien in the picture below – would they become friends or fight each other? Don’t forget to use full stops, capital letters and lots of fabulous joining words in your story. You could also create a cartoon comic strip version of your story.

We love reading poetry about aliens
We love reading poetry about aliens

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