Noun phrase examples

Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas – Noun phrase examples.

Listen to the reading of Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks.

Now look at the worksheet and start solving some of today’s online English challenge tasks.

Together, read the information on Fox’s Noun Phrases.

Now read Magpie’s Journey Home. You need to underline the nouns and the adjectives in the story in different colours.

Remember what are noun phrases.

Now find the noun phrases in the worksheet..

Now let’s revise what are nouns and adjectives.

Now complete your writing tasks on the sheet.

Writing: Describe an animal using nouns and adjectives

DIY: Tea Dyed Paper

You could also carefully burn the edges of the paper to make it look even older and ever more worn out.

On the paper – when it has dried – you can draw your favourite animal. Then write lots of lovely noun phrases describing your animal. If you use more descriptive words and a comma, it becomes an extended noun phrase. The more detail you use, the better.

Try these Fun-Time Extras:

End of lesson fun – how to draw your best friend….

Now write about your friend using as much description as you can. What makes them special? What makes then into an excellent friend? What do they look like, sound like, act like?

Let's look up some Noun phrase examples.
Let’s look up some Noun phrase examples.

On Foxes in Stories, list the names of any books, stories, rhymes and poems
you know with foxes in them. Say what the foxes in these are often like.

Read the short passage on Dog’s Spellings. There are 10 spelling mistakes.
Can you spot them all? Correctly rewrite each of the misspelt words on the
lines underneath the passage.

Finally – look at the link in the worksheet about different animals in Australia and write down a detailed descition about each of these animals.

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