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Read and enjoy the poem, The Snake Song by John Mbiti.

Describing the poem

How is this poem structured? What makes this poem work as well as it does? Why do you like this poem? What would you do to improve this poem further.?

Writing a poem about a deadly creature

Look at the worksheets and develop your own snake poem. You can use the writing frame on the worksheet to help you. When you have written it and you are happy with it, try to improve 5 words in your poem to make it even better. Look at the directions and think about how they were written and how they help you write a better poem.

Now copy out the poem in your best handwriting, making sure you have used capital letters, full stops and exciting vocabulary.

Now you need to perform this poem for your friends.

Watch Michael Rosen telling you how to present your poems.

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Make a ‘word snake’, where the last letter of your first word is also the
first letter of the next word you write. How many can you do? Can you
make all the words ‘snake’ words (hiss, slither, rattle, eggs, etc.) fit into a simple, slithering long line. Then draw a outline of a snake around it to make it into a long, thin snake poem.

We call the word used for a group of a particular animal its collective
noun. The collective noun for birds is ‘flock’. The collective noun for
cows is ‘herd’. What do you think a collection of snakes might be? Reserach it and find the answer.

End of lesson get up and move! Everyone knows that moving helps you to think.

Listen and follow to the instructions

How to write and follow instructions.
How to write and follow instructions.

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