Dragon stories

Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas – A Small Dragon by Brian Patten

Read the poem by Brian Patten twice aloud and enjoy it.

What are noun phrases?

You can then expand your noun phrase.

Reminder on noun, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Now for some writing

Imagine you found your own scaly, reptile creature. He is yours. What is he like? Add descriptions to the dragon picture.Look at the picture on the worksheet and complete the 4 different boxes –

  1. Is it scary or cuddly? Does it look cute. Would you want it in the house? Could it hide in your bedroom? Would your mum let you keep it as a pet?

2. What does it look like? Use lots of noun phrases – extend them to give as much detail as you can about this creature.

3. Where did you find it? Where were you when you saw it? Was it somewhere magical?

4. What is it like to be with? Do you feel safe near your monster? Would you be happy to sleep in the same room as the creature?

Here is a picture of another monster. What is odd about it? What do your think happened to it? Is it a dinosaur? How do you think it is feeling without its skin? Maybe it was too hot and it took it off? Maybe mum had put it into the wash? Think of lots of funny reasons why this monster has lost its skin and how it finds it again.

What is special about this dragon?
What is special about this dragon?

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