Creative writing

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Here is the whale song again. Read or listen to the story again and discuss the vocabulary that you have learnt today and yesterday.

or you can listen to it as an audio story

You also need to listen again to the Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks

Now look on your worksheet for the Story Comparison Table, then fill in the boxes. Look at what is the same and what is different.

Writing: My favourite story

Now choose your favourite story from the two and write a short version of the story, explaining what happens in the story. Now you need to write down what you liked about the story – this is a way of writing a simple book review.

Look at the reasons section of the worksheet for ideas to help you think of things you could write in your story. Remember to really focus on your presentation, handwriting, capital letters and full stops. Explore the vocabulary and try to find the best parts of the story. It is great to find and explain your favourite similie in the the book and why you liked it.

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Introduction to different sorts of whales.

Read Dog’s Spellings. There are 10 spelling mistakes. Can you spot
them all? Highlight the incorrect words. Rewrite each word correctly
under the passage.

At the end of the lesson, take the time to sing and dance as this is a great way of getting your body moving and your brain thinking extra hard.

End of lesson sing and dance session.

Creative writing for children.
Creative writing for children.

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