Cat diary

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Read the story – a cat’s journey.

You need to read the story slowly and carefully. Ask each other lots of questions about the story. Predict what might happen next. Explore the vocabulary – what words don’t you know and and what might they mean? Have a guess and then check the answers with an adult.

Look at the talking points with an adult and complete the questions.

Now lets look at how to write a diary.

How to write a diary.

Read the two stories – a cat’s journey and Anne’s diary for Wednesday. Which of the two stories do you prefer and why? What can you notice about the text? Is it written in the present tense or the past tense? Why do you think this is?

Now for some writing
Use Annie’s Diary on the day Scratch came home to write what you
think Annie wrote on that day.

Make sure you are using lots of descriptive words. Explain how Anne is feeling throughout the story. Is she glad to see the cat? Why?

How to draw a cat.

Under your drawing, write some descriptive words about the cat. Below is a picture of the cat queen. Write a diary about how she lives and what she feels. Does she like being queen cat? Does she catch her own mice or does someone now catch them for her? Use lots of lovely describing words! When you have finished writing, make sure you read it out loud to an adult. You could also share your writing on social media, so your friends and family elsewhere can also read it.

Cat diary
Cat diary

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