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How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English. How do you make the work jump out at the reader? How do you make it that they want to read more?

Read Letter to the Editor. What does the letter say – can you explain the letter in less than 100 words? Can you spot the letters key facts?

How would you summerise the letter?

Look at the letter and annotate the different parts using the structure in the worksheet. Compare what you have written to that of a friend. How is your writing the same? How is it different? Did you both find all the key information?

Read the ideas about what school should teach a pupil? What do you think about these ideas.

Which do you agree with? Which don’t you agree with. Why?

Debate Topic: Should schools require students to wear uniforms?

These children would write completely different paragraphs on the same topic.

What do you think?

Kids need recess – what do you think?

Now write down some of your ideas on the worksheet and support your ideas.

Now use your planner to develop your well structured ideas.

Try the Fun-Time Extras

Record your talk and share it with somebody else.

Try to film yourself twice, trying to argue both sides of the argument – dress up a little differently so people think you are 2 characters.

Silly song time… end of lesson song. Why is the growth mindset so important in learning?

How to summarise text.
How to summarise text.

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