Tongue twisters

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Today you will be readings and writing poetry about making faces and feelings.

Poetry is a wonderful way to express your feelings. Today children will learn how to write different poems and express their feelings and ideas in different ways.

The first job is to read Make a face and then to write it as a new poem. How many different faces can you make? How does each of these faces make you feel?

Making Faces – kids emotions activity

When you have made different faces – either on your own face, or on a page – or even better, both, use them to make a poem. Write about the different faces. Can you make them into a funny poem?

What do you think of the moody face poem? Which one do you prefer and why?

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Here is some fun tongue twisters

Now you need to think about how you could read some of these? Can you learn how to say each of these poems really fast.

Nursery Rhymes – Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers!

Dick Had a Dog, the Dog Dug Deep

Now try this one on your own.

Camilla Caterpillar
Camilla Caterpillar kept a caterpillar killer-cat.
A caterpillar killer categorically she kept.
But alas the caterpillar killer-cat attacked Camilla
As Camilla Caterpillar catastrophically slept.

Mike Jubb

My personal favourite poem is to say “Red lorry, Yellow Lorry”” really, really fast ten times. It is amazing how tricky this poem really is! Don’t believe me? Try it today!

Learning funny tongue twisters with your child
Learning funny tongue twisters with your child

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