Thanking letter

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Listen again to we are going on a bear hunt

Read the letter that Bear sends Lion telling him what happened to him. Which of the two letters was easier to read and why?

Now listen to the story ‘We are going on a Lion Hunt’

Your job will now be to thank Bear for sending you a letter and also reply to him telling him about what happened to you (Lion).

Here is a great reminder about how to write a letter

In addition , you might want to remember how to address an envelope for your letter

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

Can you match the right picture on the worksheet to the right address. Now can you copy out the addresses and make them into pretend envelopes. If you had to send each animal a present, what would you send them?

Here is a beautiful thank you card for you to copy and send to someone. Who do you think deserves a lovely thank you card for all they have done for you? Don’t forget to use capital letters, full stops and lots of lovely colouring.

Now write a thanking letter you to someone you love. Thank them for all the good things they have done for you. You could then put it onto an envelope and send it to them or take a photo of the letter and send it by email or by social media. Writing thank you letters is an important and vital skills which every child should be able to do.

How to write a thanking letter.
How to write a thanking letter.

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