How to use texts for close reading.

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First read the book and answer the questions.

What might Sid and Boris have said to each other during their

How to do a Close Reading – For a detailed version – click here.

You need to complete three simple steps..

  1. Read text and underline any unusual or interesting words.
  2. Look for pattern in the text. What is similar on each page, what is different?
  3. Ask questions about what your are reading and what you have read.

Here is an introduction to instructions

Look at today’s book and try to pick out the key features – what words were used and why? What about the tenses? How could we make this work better?

The more practice your child has of working with close reading, the better.

Here is why instructions are really important.

Reading strategies – syllables.

Getting on, falling out and making up ideas.

Write instructions from Mum and Dad to Boris and Sid
Mum and Dad are cross with Boris and Sid.
On Mum and Dad’s Instructions, write some instructions that Mum
and Dad give to the naughty pair.

Now try some fun things…

Can you find instructions about how to do things around the house – such as on food packets?

Can you write instructions for things people do around the house?

Using Falling Out and Making Up, describe a time when you
and a friend had an argument and what you did to make
friends again. How can you make sure you don’t fall out again?

Understanding texts for close reading
Understanding texts for close reading

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