Rhyming poems for kids

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Dad and the Cat and the Tree by Kit Wright. Read the poem with your class and enjoy the different things the dad tries.

Don’t forget to stop and ask your child as the story goes on different questions. Can your child predict what will happen next? Were they right?

Did you enjoy this poem? What parts of this poem did you enjoy? Why? How many different rhyming words can you find in this poem. For each rhyming word, can you think of any more rhyming words?

Animated version

Which did you prefer? The first or second version of the poem? Why? Does everyone else agree with you?

Now try a worksheet activity – Sequence events in the poem. Cut out the pictures and glue them into order. Can you write some sentences about what is happening in each picture.

What might happen next? How will Dad get out of the tree? Will someone
have to go up to rescue him? Can you draw a picture of dad up the tree?

Now try to write some sentences using capital letters and fullstops to predict what will happen next in this story.

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

What happens next game?

How would you get the cat out of the tree? Can you think of 5 different ways to do this? Can you now put them in order of which you think is the best idea and which is the next best. How did you decide to order your list? Would your cat agree with this order?

Rhyming poems for kids
Rhyming poems for kids

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