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Listen to if you meet a crocodile poem (Actions). Can you listen to the poem quietly. Now try to repeat the poem and add the actions to the poem. Does it help you learn the poem better?

If you meet a crocodile – words – can you repeat any of the words? What does you notice about this poem? It is a wonderfully funny poem which rhymes.

Listen to The Vulture Poem by Hilaire Belloc performed beautifully. What can you say about the vultures in this poem. Would you like them? Are they nice friendly birds like penguins and parrots or are they different? How are they different to parrots? How are they similar to parrots?

Listen to The Vulture Poem by Hilaire Belloc lyrics. Can you think of an exciting way of acting out this vulture poem?

Story about animal body parts. How many different part of the animal body are you able to name? What body parts do you have? What animal body parts do you not have? If you could have more animal body parts, what extra body parts would you add to yourself?

Introduction to different animal body parts. How many of these different body parts can you now recognise?

Here is a funny story about The Mixed-Up Chameleon.

Was the animal happier at the beginning of the story, in the middle or are the end? Why was this? What did the animal learn from adding all the different animal body parts together in one body?

Rhyming poem - makes everyone smile.
Rhyming poem

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