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Today you will learn about punctuation and how to read by breaking up words.

Learn how to read by chunking words

Reciprocal Teaching: Introduction

Reciprocal Reading Technique

Look at the story and see if you can look in the book using the 4 different skills.





For more detailed help on this set of skills – click here.

Also here is an introduction to punctuation.

Finally a reminder on how to write a whole sentence.

Now you are ready to use the skills you have learnt in this lesson to write two short letters.

The first letter is to the postman asking for something very strange.

The second letter is from the postman, explaining to you why this is not possible and suggest a different, more sensible solution.

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

How could you make the story book longer? What other animals could have asked for something?

You could also write a letter to a friend and say thank you to them.

Everyone can do reciprocal teaching
Everyone can do reciprocal teaching

This reading strategy is an excellent way of getting your child to love books. The deeper a child engages with ready, the more the child will get out of the book. In addition, if these 4 skills used in this strategy are well embedded into a child’s learning, they will go onto to use this teaching strategy in all their other lessons are well. This will make them more confident, more successful learners all their lives.

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