Reading strategy

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First listen again to this video “This is the house that Jack Built”

Now listen to this is an older version of the same story…

Now open your worksheet and read the story there. How does the modern story and the original story compare? How do you read a story? There are lots of different reading strategies you could use. Do you read with your finger under each word? Do you stop and predict what will happen next? Do you ask yourself lots of questions as you read and then look for the answers. All these skills can help you read better and understand the text more deeply.

Sequence time…

How to use the word because correctly.

Can you use the word because in your own sentences.

Can you think of different ways you could learn how to spell because.

You could make because into a silly sentence, where each word begin with that letter – big elephants can always understand small elephants

You could also take the word because and make a funny poem.

Being a small mouse is fun

Elephants are way too big for me…






Finish the worksheet by saying why you like or don’t like the following things from the story. Remember to use the word because in all your answers to explain why you like or don’t like them.

End of lesson dance! Can you dance like the lady in the video.

Ask your family how they learnt to read. What are their favourite reading strategies.

What is your reading strategy?
/What is your reading strategy?

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