Poetry for cats

Click here for today’s worksheet and resources to write poetry for cats.

Today you will learn how to rhyme and make poetry

Today we are going to focus on cat poems.

First we need to focus on creating rhymes for our fabulous cat poems. How many different words rhyme with the word cat?

Here are a few – cat, mat, bat and rat.

How many words words can you think of?


You could also rhyme with names.

When you have lots of lovely rhyming words for your cat poem, then you can use the worksheet to help you write out your lovely poem. Focus on writing neatly and carefully.

When you have finished, you can then read out your poem to your family and friends. You could even take a photos of it, and share it with your friends around the world.

How to draw a kitten

Here are some more fun ideas for today.

You could try to find as many different cat poems.

“Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat” by T.S. Eliot (poetry reading)

What is your favourite cat poem and why? Can you read it out? Can you make it into a really funny poem?

What poems does your family know? When did they learn poetry? Can they teach the poems they have learnt to you?

You could also draw more pictures to go along with your lovely cat poem.

Also you can make this paper cat.

How to make a Cat for a Minute? Origami for Beginners. Very easy

poetry for cats - how many poems do you know?
Here is your poetry for cats. Think about how you would describe this cat. What is it si doing? What is it thinking?

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