All about nocturnal animals

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UK children explain what animals can be found at night in Britain. What nocturnal creatures were you able to name. How many different nocturnal animals live near you? How many of these animals have you ever seen? Why do you think they are much harder to see than animals which come out in the daytime.

Write down the word “nocturnal” and then cover it up and write it out again using the spelling strategy look – say – spell – check.

If you write the word nocturnal vertically down the side of the the page – can you write a sentence about the night starting with each of the letters. This means the first sentence would start with an n such as Night time is very dark, followed next by an ‘o’ – so it could be Owls fly around looking for mice… etc…

Can you find out what different nocturnal creatures like to eat? Can you feed nocturnal creatures in your garden?

Can you draw your favourite nocturnal animal? What does it look like.

How to Draw a Hedgehog

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

Can you name the nocturnal creatures shown in the worksheet. Can you find any fun facts about any of them?

The moon by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Here is a cute hedgehog – just like the one you have drawn. Why do you think it is curled up in a ball. It is covered in spines to stop animals eating it as it wanders around in the night. It is full of fleas.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.

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