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Today we are going to learn about nonsense poems – Twas midnight on the ocean. How many silly things did you spot in this poem?

Can you understand all the words? What does twas mean? What is a tram?

Re-read the poem and highlight pairs of words that rhyme. Fast and grass are a funny kind of rhyme called a ‘half rhyme’. How many almost rhyming words can you count in the poem on the worksheet?

Now do the Writing time activity on the worksheet. Take the poem and then cut it up and stick it together in a different order. Can you draw what each line looks like?

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

Here are some more nonsense poems with Michael Rosen. Do you like to listen to nonsense poems? Michael Rosen is an expert on them!

How about this scary poem? How many silly things can you hear in this poem?

This is my favourite nonsense poem – The Jabberwocky? Can you draw what you think the monster in this poem looks like?

On Times of the Day say what you do at particular times. At 7 o’clock I… you could imagine you are the monster in this poem – what would a funny monster do at each time of the day? The more silly the sentence, the better.

For example …. At 7 o’clock I eat ice cream on my cabbage and drink a lovely cup of shampoo.

How many silly words can you count in this song. Why does it appear as a silly poem? Can you make up a poem using only silly words?

Is this the Jabberwocky?
Is this the Jabberwocky?

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