Instruction writing

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Read today’s instructions

Read the Instructions for Playing Noughts and Crosses

What can you tell me about these instructions?

What tense are they written in?

Are they easy to follow and understand? Could you make these instructions more interesting? How would you do this?

How to write instructions.

Song on how to brush your teeth – instructions . What do we need to brush our teeth? What I find really helps is to do the activity and write down each step as I am doing it. This way, you make sure that you have not missed a step or written it down in the wrong place. You should always start each sentence with a verb (doing word) such as ‘OPEN’ the toothpaste or ‘TURN’ on the tap. Make sure you are writing each sentence using capital letters and full stops.

Brushing teeth instructions with a dentist. What does she tell you to do? Can you write out her instructions as a poster? You could then stick them up in the bathroom to help you follow them.

Video instructions on how to draw a pigeon. What do you need to do to draw a pigeon? What do you start with? What shape do you use? Were these instruction easy? Why?

Look at your instructions and see if you can make them easier. Can you make them longer? Writing instructions is a lot of fun. Try to write some instructions and ask someone to follow them exactly! You will see how much fun instruction writing can be.

What instruction writing is she showing you?
What instruction writing is she showing you?

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