How to send a thank you email

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A story about how to write a letter….

First you need to read the letter in the worksheet – Read the Letter from Princess Tiana to her Wizard

You need to think about how you would answer this letter. What advice would you give Princess Tiana?

How do you write a letter?

You have to think about what would a wizard say? You need to focus on the punctuation and the grammar. You need to make sure the letter is written very neatly, so the the princess is able to read it.

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Graduation Song Lyrics to Thank You by Patty Shukla

The princess is so thankful to the wizard, that she decides that she should email him a thank you letter straight away.

How to send a thank you email. You need to think about all the reasons you are so pleased that someone has helped you. you could even write this thank you email to someone else – such as your teacher, a friend or someone else in the family.

Writing thank you emails and letters make people feel happy and loved. You simply need to tell people why you like the gift or help and how it has helped you. This is all there is to a thank you card or email. Try it today!

You could even write a proper letter, take a photo of it, and share it online that way. The advantage of this is everyone can then admire how neatly you can write.

How to send a thank you email - explained so even a Year 1 can do it!
How to send a thank you email

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