Our five senses

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Listen to the First Dog On The Moon By David Orme.

What are the 5 senses the dog is experiencing? What does it feel? Do you think it likes being in space? Would you like to be in space?

Another nice poem about your 5 senses to listen to. Can you identify where the different senses are in the poem? What parts of the body do you use to experience the senses.

What is the same? What is difference between this poem and the poem on the worksheet. Which poem do you prefer and why? Read out the poems and see if you can make them exciting to hear. Could you make these poems longer?

Here is a way of using your 5 senses in writing. Here is a teacher showing how the children can use their senses to help them write better.

Writing time
Write about the things you love to taste, smell, feel, see and hear.

Now write some sentences about things you don’t like to do.

Here is a fun senses quiz – can you answer the questions? You can play this game and shout out the answers.

Here is today’s end of lesson song and dance. Can you dance and sing along with this song. Get up and get moving! Moving helps you learn.

How is this girl feeling? Can you write sentences about how she is feeling. What does she see, hear and touch.

How is the girl using her five senses in this picture?
How is the girl using her five senses in this picture?

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