Cooking with children

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Read and enjoy the Hamilton Group Reader, No Thank You!

What does the child do wrong? Why won’t the animals eat the food? What is the food each animal really wants to eat?

Let’s practice sequencing stories. Can to put the pictures into the right order. Can you tell a short story about each of the sequences you see?

More sequencing help. What is happening in each of these pictures? Can you make it into story?

Print out the cards today.

Match each animal to the strange, muddled-up food that it was given
by Bobo or Muna in the story.

Sequencing events in the story correctly – now can you write out the animals and the food.

You can then retell this muddled up story.

Can you now put the correct foods with the correct animal.

Now can you tell the story with each animal getting the correct food and answering “Yes please!”

Now try this Fun-Time Extra

Draw a picture of what YOU love to eat on My Favourite Food. Write
captions and describing words to tell everyone what is so good about
your choice.

Now you should go into the kitchen with an adult and try to make your favourite dish together – cooking with your parents is a lot of fun.

Make sure you have washed your hands first.

Then photograph the final meal and compare it to your drawing. After this you can send both pictures to your friends and family to show them how great you are at both cooking and drawing.

Cooking with children
Cooking with children

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