Chicken Licken creative writing day

Click here to get today’s worksheet and lesson ideas about Chicken Licken.

Chicken Licken was a silly chick who thought the sky was falling. He convinced his friends to follow him. Listen to the story to discover what happened next.

Look on today’s worksheet and cut out the pictures and place them into the correct order.

Now think of how you could write your own story about ‘On When I was a bit scared and worried’. You need to write the story in sentences using full stops and capital letters and then you need to draw some lovely pictures to go along with your story.

Here is a fun chick to copy and draw

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Cut out the speech bubble and glue it onto your picture of the chick. What does the chick say every time he meets a new animal? Try to write out this word as neatly has you can.

Now try to remember what other animals appear in their story. Draw each of the animals and colour them in very neatly. Now try to add some more speech bubbles to let everyone know what they are saying. If you add another, which looks like a cloud, you can also add what everyone is thinking. What is the fox really thinking when it says it can help the chick and his friends?

After doing this work you can now use these pictures to retell the story to your mum or friends. Can you add new voices and make it a really exciting story?

Chicken Licken thinks thinks the sky is falling and gets help! What happens next?
Chicken Licken thinks thinks the sky is falling and gets help! What happens next?

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