Cat poem

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This Is The House That Jack Built Story – listen to the story.

The story has 6 different animals in it. Can you remember all of them and the order they appeared in? How did you remember them? Did you need any help to remember them? Which animal was your favourite animal in the poem?

Farm Animal Song to learn animal names – can you copy the sounds all the different animals make.

Another Farm Animal Song – can you learn this song. If you are extra clever, you can try to add up all the animals he had at the end of the story? What are the names of the baby animals such as a baby cat is a kitten etc.

Words used to describe animals. What would would you use to describe different animals.

Animal adjective game – can you guess the different animals which are being described?

Now try to describe a cat – what words would you use to describe the cat here. Can you make it into a funny rhyming poem? Don’t forget to use capital letters and fullstops.

Can you write a cat poem?
Can you write a cat poem?

Here are my two favourite poems about cats – what do you think about them?

Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat | Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by Books Read Aloud for Kids

But the cat came back poem

Compare these two poems. Which do you prefer? Now try and write your own funny feline poems. Can you make it into a rhyming poem. Can you draw a picture to go with your poem?

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