Best read aloud chapter books

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Read The Owl and the Moon by Sinead Gaffney and Jackie Abey – and think about the book. What do you like about night time. Answer the questions about the book.

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Now look at the book titles and sort them into fiction and non-fiction books.

The difference between a fiction book and a non-fiction book.

Look at the books you have around the house. Sort them into two groups – fiction and non-fiction books. Which pile do you expect will be bigger? Why?

Is this also true for adult books, such as books your mum or dad likes to read. Why is it important to read both sorts of books? What does each book give you?

Reading books aloud is an excellent way of learning new words and how to pronounce them. There are always new words to learn. It also means you can help to teach your mum and dad about new things.

What is your favourite read out loud book? Why do you like it/. What makes this book extra special?

Now try these Fun-Time Extras

Learning the igh – sound

Things you see at night before you start to write. How many other words were you able to add to this list. Did you know the meaning of all these words?

Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and try to make different actions to go along with it.

Best read aloud chapter books
Best read aloud chapter books

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