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Teach english online to Korean students

You can use these to teach English online to Korean students. It is also perfect for UK children and any other International based children.

While there is a lot of focus of using materials to teach English online to Korean students, the same teaching materials can be used anywhere. These teaching materials were originally designed to be used with British children, but I quickly realised that they could be equally effectively be used with any other group of children as well.

The idea being that you can use these online lessons to teach children anywhere in the world. The lessons come complete with YouTube videos and explanations on how to teach each of the ideas in the English online teaching worksheet.

The lessons are fun and full of singing, dancing and having lots of fun. The parents can be look at the videos and suddenly go – okay, now I remember what this technical word means… that is easy!

The lessons are based on UK written lesson plans and come complete with a wonderful worksheet. The children will be expected to spend about an hour a day on their English and their maths works. These sets of lessons focus on fun and creativity and making learning English as fun and as exciting as possible.

As I said before, these resources could be used to teach English online to Korean students. They were designed to teach ANY children from anywhere in the world during this crisis period. Please note, they are not designed to replace a teacher but to support a teacher. They will be updated and added to on a weekly basis. Please share these lessons with all your friends and colleagues.

Please also take the time to visit my YouTube video channel here.