Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas.

Click here to download number cards 1 to 20.

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers

Counting up to 20

Count Back from 20 with the Count Back Cat

You can dance the counting parts, and freeze during the verses! Have fun!

Now complete activity 1 on your worksheet – the numbers to 20 game.

Working together
Play Higher / Lower game – instructions on the worksheet

Then play this fun version of it.

Number game higher lower

Now time for fun stuff

Learn to Count to 20 with Number Zoo

Counting Animals Song

Animal Counting Song – Counting to 10 with Animals in the Jungle – Have Fun Counting to 10

Counting Animals – Learning to Count for Toddlers

The Farmyard Jamboree

Finally let’s just dance!

The Animal Boogie