Count to 100

Click here to download today’s worksheet and teaching ideas.

Let’s Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100

Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song

Read the worksheet on how to do this dance as a maths dance.

See if your child can now count backwards from 100!

Count Backwards from 100 by 1’s

The Counting Down from 100 Song | Counting Songs

Estimation – Sid The Science Kid

Now play the Play More or Less as outlined in the worksheet.

Math Estimation For Preschool and Kindergarten

Try these Fun-Time Extras

Clapping Machine is a great brain breaks song engaging kids with clapping patterns

Hand Clapping Game “Sevens”

Miss Mary Mack – Nursery Rhymes – Clapping Games

Now complete todays end of lesson fun activities.

Now time to dance

Count to 100 Song for Children | Counting to One Hundred and Stretching