Decimals on number lines

Relate fractions to decimals 0.1 = 1/10 and 0.2 = 1/5

Relate 1-place decimals to cm and mm

Mark decimals with one decimal place on number lines.

Round numbers with one decimal place to the nearest whole.

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Converting Fractions to Decimals Song by NUMBEROCK

An Introduction to Tenths

Writing Tenths and Hundredths with Decimals

Rewriting fractions as decimals

Write as a Decimal 2 3/5

Year 4 – Introduction to Decimals

Decimal Place Value with Meters, Centimeters, and Millimeters 

Putting Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line

Plotting decimal numbers on a number line (examples)

Round decimal numbers with 1 decimal place to the nearest whole number

You now understand decimals on number lines. You now can complete today’s worksheet.