Using and Understanding Money.

Write amounts in pounds and pence.

Understand and use place value in money.

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Maths- Measurement: Converting between pounds (£) and pence (p)

Pounds and Pence (part 1 of 4): What is money and how does it work?

Pounds and Pence (part 2 of 4): What can you do with money?

Pounds and Pence (part 3 of 4): What is money worth?

Pounds and Pence (part 4 of 4): Who controls the value of money?

How to change Pounds(£) to Pence(p) and change Pence(p) to Pounds(£)

Place Value: Using Money to Understand Decimals

You now know how to convert British money and how to use place value with money. Now you can complete today’s worksheet.