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KS2 maths powerpoint lessons are a great way of teaching a maths lesson.

This has become the most popular page on the site – I then thought I would add another couple of hundred resources to this page!

Here are a few more links for you to try…

SpringBoard 3 PowerPoints – 20 additional sets of Year 3 booster lessons.

SpringBoard 4 PowerPoints – 20 additional sets of Year 4 lessons.

20 additional Year 6 lessons – Year 6 Block A2 Counting, partitioning and calculating

Then of course, there are the brand new sets of multiplication and division quizzes!

Multiplication Times Tables Tests

I discovered no one seems to have created complete multiplication quizzes for all the timetables. I thought I would create some quizzes. There are 4 quizzes for each of the timestables from X2 to X12.

15 seconds per question

10 seconds per question

5 seconds per question

2 seconds per question

Mixed timings, depending on the grouping – starts easy, gets hard!

I have now written 45 Origami mini multiplication timestable test books to go with these – you can see and buy them from the TES site. (You can make an 8 page book from a single A4 page!)

Division Times Tables Tests


These have shown to be so popular, that I have now made them available for download at TES for only £3.00. It matches the free division tests.

Mental Maths Tests

Maths Challenges For Able Students

Mental Maths Tests From Year 1 to Year 6

Mental Maths Papers for Year 7 students (to challenge more advanced Year 6 students!)



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Free KS2 maths PowerPoint lessons for students of any age




10 Division Wheels.ppt

23 Exciting 100 Square Teaching Activities.ppt

Group Problem Solving.ppt

Speaking And Listening In Numeracy.ppt

KS2 Maths PowerPoints For Year 3


Y3 1 Autumn Place Values.ppt

Y3 2 Autumn Ordering.ppt

Y3 3 Autumn Add Subtract  Multiples.ppt

Y3 4 Autumn Mental Calculations.ppt

Y3 5 Autumn Mental Models.ppt

Y3 6 Autumn Money.ppt

Y3 7 Autumn Adding several numbers.ppt

Y3 8 Autumn Add subtract 11 or  9.ppt

Y3 9 Autumn Subtraction Bonds.ppt

Y3 10 Autumn Addition on empty line.ppt

Y3 11 Autumn Solving Word Problems.ppt

KS2 Maths PowerPoints For Year 4




Y4 1 Spring Multiplication Facts.ppt

Y4 2 Spring Patterns in multiplication tables.ppt

Y4 3 Spring Multiplying large numbers.ppt

Y4 4 Summer Dividing numbers by 10.ppt

Y4 5 Summer Decimals with Abacus.ppt

Y4 6 Summer Decimal number line.ppt

Y4 7 Summer Multiplying by 9.ppt

Y4 8 Summer Division by 10 and 100.ppt

Y4 9 Summer Division with remainders.ppt

Y4 10 Summer Standard Multiplication Method.ppt

Y4 11 Summer Money Problems.ppt

KS2 Maths PowerPoints For Year 5



Y5 1 Spring Ways of multiplication.ppt

Y5 2 Spring Area method of multiplication.ppt

Y5 3 Spring Carrying with multiplication.ppt

Y5 4 Spring Developing multiplication area method.ppt

Y5 5 Spring Using doubling in multiplication.ppt

Y5 6 Spring Doubling and addition method.ppt

Y5 7 Spring Pairs of factors.ppt

Y5 7 Spring Pairs of factors.ppt

Y5 9 Spring Division as repeated subtraction.ppt

Y5 10 Spring Developing a standard method.ppt

Y5 11 Spring Flexible approaches to division.ppt

Year Five Mental Arithmetic Test 2 – week 4 and 6.ppt

Year Five Mental Arithmetic Test 3 – week 5 and 6.ppt

Year Five Mental Arithmetic Test Week 7 and Week 8.ppt

KS2 Maths PowerPoints For Year 6



Year 6 1 Spring Percentages reductions.ppt

Year 6 2 Spring Percentage special offers.ppt

Year 6 3 Spring Percentages to compare fractions.ppt

Year 6 4 Spring Percentages size of wholes.ppt

Year 6 5 Spring Equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages.ppt

Year 6 6 Spring Converting percentages into fractions or decimals.ppt

Year 6 7 Autumn Number problems using ratio.ppt

Year 6 8 Autumn Ratio and proportion.ppt

Year 6 9 Autumn Find the maximum sum.ppt

Year 6 10 Autumn Investigating calenders.ppt

Year 6 11 Autumn Examining statistics.ppt

 I hope you enjoyed using these KS2 maths powerpoint lessons and that the children will now develop a greater love of maths. Don’t forget to share this page with everyone else you know, so they too can use these great KS2 maths powerpoint lessons!

KS2 maths powerpoint lessons make maths fun!

KS2 maths powerpoint lessons make maths fun!

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