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Talk Like a Pirate is on Friday 19th September. It is a really fun event and there are lots of different pirate resources you could use to access it. I have written a wide range of pirate related activities and I am keen to share them with you and save you from needing to reinvent the wheel time and again.

Here is a funny YouTube Video –

For Younger children…


For older students:


Talk Like A Pirate Day Resources:

31 Images of Pirates

31 Images of Pirates – £2

This is perfect for reviewing the words and objects relating to pirates and the slides could easily be used in creative writing lessons. This is the quickest way of creating an instant Talk Like A Pirate Day display.

Pirates Visual Story Prompts

Pirates Visual Story Prompts – £1

I created these resources for teachers to print out or use on the interactive whiteboard as a way of extending a students thinking process by using all their senses for each item. I really enjoyed writing them and I am your students will enjoy using them in their “Talk Like A Pirate Day”. I would love to hear how well they worked for you.



Talk Like A Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day – £1

This was my latest resource focusing directly on Talk Like A Pirate Day and I hope it was as useful for you as it was for my own class. It is a great way of promoting talk within the classroom.

Pirate Vocabulary

Pirate Vocabulary – £2

This was my list of different pirate words that I thought students should know if they were to become a real sounding pirate in Talk Like A Pirate Day! I am sure you will also learn a few useful terms while sharing this one with your class.


Teaching your students about the Pirate Alphabet!

Pirate Alphabet

Pirate Alphabet – £1

This Alphabet has a fun cartoon linked to it from Youtube. I developed this resource so children can use the flashcards to further strengthen their knowledge of pirate words in a fun, interactive way during the Talk Like A Pirate Day.

ESL Pirate Alphabet

ESL Pirate Alphabet – £1

This was originally written to help lower ESL classes to improve their knowledge of English in a fun and interactive way. I am sure that this PowerPoint will be greatly appreciated by your students. The song, music and flashcards together make this a winning PowerPoint about Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I love making resources and I have just heard that in October the TES will be having some extra special offers, and I am thrilled to say my own teaching materials will be included in them! Make sure you look out for my new teaching packs!


If you are really serious about talking like a pirate, then you need to complete this course!



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Are you interested in making your September History Topics a little bit more exciting? I have collected together lots of different high quality images and photos. You could print out the pictures and make an instant display or sort out the pictures. You could look directly at the PowerPoint and use it to start or revise History topics.

September History Topics.

Ancient Egypt Topics.

Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Ancient Egyptian Tombs – £1 – Discover what has been archaeologists have discovered in the tombs. You could print out the pictures to make a display or show the PowerPoint and discuss the different objects. What were they used for and why was the pharaoh buried with them?

Ancient Egyptian Relics

Ancient Egyptian Relics

Ancient Egyptian Relics – £1 – You can view this like a virtual tour of the most famous architecture and relics created during the Ancient Egyptian Times. They are a great way of promoting discussion and stimulating research into this era.

More Egyptian Relics

More Egyptian Relics

More Ancient Egyptian Relics –  £2 – High quality images of life in Ancient Egypt. It is a great way of studying what we know This has been my most popular Egyptian resource.

 Ancient Rome Topics

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome – £1 – focuses on the ancient buildings in Rome (with a few more buildings from the old Roman Empire). You could view it as a virtual tour of Rome. Think about why buildings were built and what they might be used for. This is a perfect resource for research topics for this popular September History Topic.


Ancient Rome Gladiators and Soldiers

Ancient Rome Gladiators and Soldiers

Ancient Rome Gladiators and Soldiers – £1 – focuses on the army and gladiators. The image shows what they dressed and did.

30 Photos Of Rome

30 Photos Of Rome

30 Photos of Rome – £2 – Stunning photos of Ancient Rome artifacts and buildings. You could download this and research the different places listed.

30 Ancient Rome Photos and Drawings

30 Ancient Rome Photos and Drawings

30 Ancient Rome Photos and Drawings of Buildings, Statues and Artifacts PowerPoint Presentation –  £2 – A clear and simple presentation for anyone who is interested in teaching about Ancient Rome.

30 Photos of Italy

30 Photos of Italy

30 Photos of Italy – £2 – For great images about modern Italy. Create for creative writing, geography and how Italy has changed over time.

Stone Age Resources

Life in the Stone Age

Life in the Stone Age

Life in the Stone Age – PowerPoint and Teaching Display Pack – £1 – An interesting presentation about the life in the Stone age. Lots of different resources and images. A great way to promote discussion and build on your students’ ideas.

Combined Teaching Resources For September:

All the above £1 resources – September History PowerPoint and Teaching Display Pack – £3 – Save £2!


Others useful History Resources you might be interested in.


History Visual Story Prompts

History Visual Story Prompts

History Visual Story Prompts – £1 – Photos from around the world and a simple prompt to get students to think about different buildings. Perfect for a research topic!

Sep 162015

I have just been sent the September Primary Science Topics by the TES and so I thought I would quickly make them into 4 new Primary Science PowerPoints which I can then share with all my readers. I am really keen for teachers to provide me with some useful feedback on these resources.

September Primary Science Topics – £1 each!

(£2 – for a pack containing all 4 of them! )

Animal Skeleton Bones – PowerPoint and Teaching Display Materials Pack – £1 each

Compare and contrast different animal skeletons. You could get the students to compare their own bodies to animal bones. Which animal bones do we all have in common? Which animal bones are specific to one animal? Why do they have them? It is a nice PowerPoint which can also be used as a display. September Primary Science Topics about Animals Skeleton Bones needs lots of nice comments at TES – please add some for me!

Compare and Contrast Animal and Human Skeletons.

Compare and Contrast Animal and Human Skeletons.


Human Skeleton Bone Names – PowerPoint and Teaching Display Materials – £1 each

 Every child needs to learn the basic names of the different bones in the human body. I have collected together a wide range of different resources to help teach about the bones. These include models, x-ray images and real bone photos. It is a nice way to introduce or revise all the different bone names in the body. The September Primary Science Topics about Bones is easy to use, and can be used in a wide range of different topics.

Human Skeletons

Your Senses. PowerPoint and Display Material About Your 5 senses – £1 each

Your senses is my favourite in the September Primary Science Topics. I always love to teach students about the 5 senses. They now say there are lots of other senses, such as the sense of pain, measuring temperature and even knowing when someone is looking at you without you directly seeing them. This set of cards could be used as a PowerPoint presentation to either introduce or review the topic. The images could be printed out and used in a display. Or the printed out, laminated cards could be used for different sorting activities. Do some card show more than one sense being used? These September Primary Science Topics for senses can be used again and again for many years throughout your career.

Your 5 senses using clear photos and images.

Your 5 senses using clear photos and images.

Teeth – Taking Care of Them And Correcting Them. PowerPoint and Display Teaching Materials – £1 each.

This is a nice general PowerPoint on teeth. It shows you how to take care of them. It has examples of different types of teeth and a visit to the dentist. It even has examples of people who did not look after their teeth so well. It is a nice presentation and well worth the one pound I charge! Please makes nice comments at TES about September Primary Science Topics – Teeth.

Teeth - how to look after them and what happens if you don't!

Teeth – how to look after them and what happens if you don’t!


Sep 152015
Cheese Week

Cheese Week and other great teaching events you can try!

Cheese Week 7th – 15th September.

Teaching PowerPoint and Display Materials for Cheese Week. Are you needing to discover a wide range of different photos about cheese? This is a lovely presentation as it can be used in a lot of different ways. Students could use the pictures to sort different cheeses and discover their names. It is also an excellent opening activity which lets students express their opinions about different types of cheese.

Cheese Week Presentation

Cheese Week Presentation


15th September – National Day of Democracy – £1 each

Are your students interested in Democracy? Click here to teach your students more about Democracy and why it is important. I have collected together lots of different pictures and resources. You could use it as a PowerPoint to start a lesson or print off the pictures and make a great display all about Democracy.

Democracy Day Teaching Resources

Democracy Day Teaching Resources


16th September – Ozone Layer Preservation Day – £1 each

Celebrate Ozone Layer Preservation Day. Are you teaching your students about the importance of Ozone to healthy living? Do your students know how to protect this precious ozone? This PowerPoint could be used as an excellent starting point for students. It can also be printed out and created into creative writing tools or a a display.

Ozone Protection

Ozone Layer Preservation Day

19th September Talk Like A Pirate!

I love to teach about Pirates. Indeed I like teaching about pirate so much I have created 4 different pirate PowerPoints. These help you to develop a lesson. These resources could be used as talking points during a lesson or printed out and help you to create an instant display.

Pirate Vocabulary

Pirate Vocabulary – £1 each


Talk Like A Pirate Day - PowerPoint And Display Materials About Pirates

Talk Like A Pirate Day – PowerPoint And Display Materials About Pirates – £1 each


Pirates Visual Story Prompts

Pirates Visual Story Prompts – £1 each


31 images of pirates

31 images of pirates – £2 each

I have created these teaching resources and I now would love you to share these links with others. I plan to develop and build on my teaching resources now on a daily basis.

If you have a topic you need to have covered, please tell me and I will add it to my immediate list and I will try to help you.

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Mar 132015
Learn music online - 20 hours of not giving up feels wonderful!

Learn music online at a fraction of the cost you would normally expect to pay.

Save up to 96% with great Online Music Classes – What have you got to lose? If you are anything like me, then you are certainly likely to have the dream of playing an instrument. I thought wouldn’t it be cool to combine this with the concept of being able learn how to play any instrument well in 20 hours.

Here is a man who did this with a Ukulele in 20 hours (one of the courses is incidentally how to play the Ukulele online).

Josh Kaufman

Just to show you how it can be done by someone who is not a speed learning expert, I thought I would also show you this YouTube clip:

Cordaro Rodriguez playing Cello after 20 hours Source:

So what is the point I am trying to make? If you find a musical instrument you like, and are prepared to commit to 45 minutes a day and can learn music online, you are able to play it well after only one month. Think how short one month is compared to the years of dreaming about it.


However – does take a lot of commitment. Some people are still striving for the full 20 hours of practice and the problem with having to learn music online is that there is not a teacher demanding results.

Here is Chris Lynam ((Source:, who has reached the 12 hour mark and sounds good! I really hope he makes it all the way through to 20 hours!

So you now have a chance to learn music online (such as a guitar, home recording or vocally), getting up to a 96% discount and you can prove that you can learn a musical instrument in only 20 hours… these courses will give you the basics – by then learning to self correct, and commit your self to reaching your goals, you will feel a lot better! You can complete this task as a challenge with your students. Students who see their teachers as life long learners are themselves more inspired to try and learn something new and not give up.

Save up to 96% with great Online Music Classes – What have you got to lose?

Why every teacher should learn music online and master at least one instrument.

At the prices being charged to learn a musical instrument, the time to learn is here and now. A teacher who can play a musical instrument can help in an assembly.

They are certainly a lot more in demand – a teacher who play an instrument is always ahead of a teacher who does not play an instrument. The instrument indicates a teacher has a good work-life balance and has interests outside the classroom. They are also more likely to know how to relax than a non-musical teacher.

Online Music Classes – Why not give it a try today? Even better, complete the challenge with a friend for extra moral support and so someone can jam with you.

Learn music online - 20 hours of not giving up feels wonderful!

Learn music online – 20 hours of not giving up feels wonderful!

(Disclaimer: This link is an affiliate link to and I do get money each time you buy a course. However I can say that all the courses I have personally completed at, I have been happy with and they have all proved to be great value)

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Mar 132015

What your 5 best friends say about you. Did you know that your 5 best friend’s determine who you are?

Teachers corner - What your 5 best friends say about you.

Teachers corner – What your 5 best friends say about you.

This is such an interesting quote. I thought I would see if I can de-construct it. I mean who are the 5 people in your life? It is a scary fact that if you are over the age of 30, you will probably have at most 5 good friends – people you will know forever – the other 100 – odd people you meet on the way will be excellent work colleagues, but when you leave the school or company, you will also leave them.

So what are your friends like? Do any of them like to take a risk, or are they all safe? Are they all in the same Teachers corner or do you have lots of friends outside the industry?

Dr Maria TV – Source via

You are most influenced by 5 people – it is an interesting discussion to have in a staffroom or your teachers corner. You can choose your circle of 5 people. It depends how you interpret this. Some can be influenced via DVDs. However most people are directly affected by friends. The really great part is that you can change by changing your life.

Are you surrounded by people who make you feel good? Are you surrounded by high earners? Are you surrounded by people who give as well as take. You are influenced by all of these people. What your 5 best friends say about you controls your destiny. If you want to travel more, you will need to develop a new circle of friends, people who want to explore the world more. If you are surrounded by high achievers, your own career will start to move as well.

Why is this so essential for teachers? Simply because if you are a teacher, you can encourage students to think about who they are hanging out with. By asking them to think about their circle of 5, they are changing and radically shifting their futures at a very early age. Expand this knowledge from your Teachers corner and let the whole class think about it and debate it.

What your 5 best friends say about you – and why does it matter?

First of all, make sure your 5 best friends are where you are really wanting to be heading. As horrible as it sounds, it is okay to admit that you are heading in different directions and have different dreams.

It is not okay to hold onto the 5 people in your life if they are not where you aspire to be! What your 5 best friends say about you determines your future. If you do this, you could be actually damaging your future and preventing yourself from reaching your true potential. Trust me when I say life is too short to be missed. Grab the day, focus on your own dreams and see where they lead. Make what your 5 best friends say about you become a positive event in your life – something to be proud of.

I am curious to know about what other people think about the average of 5 makes you? I think it is true for me – and I personally am very happy with my circle of 5 successful loving friends! I am just glad they include me in THEIR 5!


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Mar 122015

Are you looking for Online Children’s Lessons? Are your students getting ready for their final exams and need a little additional help? Try these Children’s Online Learning Courses and save up to 95% of the cost of the normal lesson! Thats right – for just 5% of the normal price, you can still get a full education online.

These eight online children’s lessons have something for everyone, and it is certainly within everyone’s price range. I really love the look of the GCSE Maths revision pack and the GCSE Maths and Science pack. As a parent, I know I am not completely up to date with the latest maths teaching techniques and strategies. By signing up for this course, I could work through the different problems with my child and both of us would understand Maths or Science a lot more clearly. It is a lot cheaper than hiring a face to face Maths tutor and lets a parent build quality bonding time into their day with their child. Having a poor teacher a school is no longer a reason to worry.

The online Dyslexia course was well worth doing. I really enjoyed doing it. It took me an intensive day to complete form end to end, and now I have a Dyslexia qualification on my CV. As a teacher, this is wonderful as it means I now have evidence of additional training in comparison to other teachers I compete against for jobs. The course also let you read and keep a wide range of different resources, and so you are able to refresh your memory at any time in the future you need to recall this great set of online children’s lessons.

The online child safety training and the educational bundle were both interesting to read about and they would suit either parents or teachers teaching younger students.

How does online children’s lessons help a school improve?

How many times does a teacher meet a parent, ask them to work harder in Maths or in Science with their students and give them lots of addresses for worksheets and resources and then nothing happens? Why not? Because the parents lack confidence in teaching their children basic Maths or Science at home. By giving them this Online children’s lessons link, the parents can feel confident that their child is getting the education they need at a price they will really appreciate.

Try these Children’s Online Learning Courses and see if you can discover a new way of learning together. With a 95% discount, it is certainly well worth the try!

Online children's lessons - Learn to count what is important.

Online children’s lessons – Learn to count what is important.

(Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. I do get paid by each time you buy a course. However, as I have personally completed some of the courses offered on this site, I am confident you will find them useful and of great value).

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Mar 122015

Teacher lesson observation comments don’t define the teacher – just a lesson. Even then it probably doesn’t even give full credit to the lesson.

Teacher lesson observation comments

Teacher lesson observation comments

Every teacher knows they will be observed at least once a term. It is an action which looks great on paper, but I have always wondered about its real value. In theory, it is good thing, and in every industry, the professionals are checked at regular intervals for their quality teaching.

However in education, there are not objective tests, only a subjective test, where you get a week to prepare, and is probably taken by a head of a department, or senior management. If they like you as a person, you are probably fine and will pass. If they don’t like you, as a person, the chances are, they will nail you in the teacher lesson observation comments. It is one of the few chances, they can wield their power, and they will.

So when you get a bad review, you need to unpick if it is your teaching or the fact they had an argument with their boyfriend the night before/ need to lose a few bodies to stay in budget/ don’t like your personal teaching style. I was doing well once, until the school discovered they could pay me 25% less and ask for the money back… lesson observations went from great to disastrous… so I know.

What you need to do is remember that you are as good as you are. You will aim to be better. In addition, you need to find the school for you. If your current school does not like you, it does not mean you are a terrible teacher. Trust me, I know lots of terrible teachers with great teacher lesson observation comments… it just means you have still to find the right place for you.

Why are teacher lesson observation comments useless?


Unless you are observed three times in the year on the same topic, then there is little chance of progress from the teacher lesson observation comments, as one lesson you will probably teach Science, another English and a final one in Maths. The targets for one will probably not be altogether relevant to the following lesson observation (probably by someone else with a different agenda). I think teachers should be checked, I just think they need to tested on a termly or yearly ‘value-added’ test. Something which everyone in theory would be scored equally well in. However, this too fails as some teachers drop Science and Humanities so their class gets great ‘Value-added’ scores in their Numeracy and Literacy tests at the unknown cost of Humanities and Science.

Anyone have a way to make Lesson Observations more useful? Or are we simply stuck with a ‘tick the boxes’ assessment which rarely helps anyone? Here is another interesting approach to the teacher lesson observation ideas – Lesson observations should be a fun, mind expanding experience and focus on the students, not the teachers… it is a great article and well worth reading!

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Mar 112015
How to learn anything in 20 hours!

How to learn anything in 20 hours!

When you think about how many hours children spend in the classroom, how can we get the students to learn more in less time?

People get good at things very fast, but it takes 10,000 hours to reaching a professional level. However, how many people and students need to reach the peak.

Josh Kaufman on
So how do we achieve this and make students really feel successful? The first thing to know is that to reach 20 hours, it just means 45 minutes a day, with a few days off and the student will feel confident. This ties into my post from yesterday. If teachers set themselves a challenge of learning something new in a month, then they can feel they have become a successful risk taker and shared their learning with their students. Modelling learning to students such as learning an instrument from zero to good in a month is more motivational than anything else they can do with their class.

There is a way to practice efficiently.

1st) Deconstruct the skill and break the skill into smaller and smaller pieces which then makes it simpler for the students to practice first. This is the first step in how to learn anything in 20 hours.

2) Learn enough to self correct. Take 3 or 4 different resources such as books and DVDs to give your learning a boost to begin with, and then try to learn on your own, making your own mistakes. Getting better at noticing errors.

3) Make sure you remove the distractions. Remove TV and Internet etc so you have time to practice and not watching TV instead.

4)Pre-commit to practice. Give yourself a reward at the end. This is a way of getting over the trouble of not being good at something. This is how to learn anything in 20 hours

Get your students to think about something they would learn and break it down into parts. They can also work as pairs to support each other and encourage them to learn and practice. Explain this is the most effective learning how to learn anything in 20 hours. You can learn a musical instrument, a new language or art… the world is their Oyster. Even better – dedicate one lesson a day to them achieving this dream!

How to learn anything in 20 hours!

What will you learn? Write it down here – then come back in a month’s time and say how well this method worked for you. I plan to find the time sometime soon and learn the mandolin. Live a dream!

Who knows if you love it, you might go on, becoming great and want to spend another 10,000 hours getting to a professional level – well good enough to play in a school assembly… almost Wembley!


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Mar 112015

Online Language Courses are the perfect way to learn a new language. Did you know you can now study online language classes anytime, anywhere? Teachers can complete the courses during their lunch breaks, non-contact periods, in the evenings or at weekends. They are very flexible – perfect for the modern teacher!

Teachers need lots of professional development. Teachers love to travel. Teachers love to learn. What if I told you I had found a way of only spending 7% what other people were spending for my learning needs? This is a huge 93% off the list price!

I have personally completed the online TEFL course, which I then boosted with the online Grammar course. I am convinced it helped me find my latest job. I love learning. It is nice to be reminded of the key elements of the English language once in a while.

For those who are planning to teach abroad, learning the language via online language classes is now possible at a greatly reduced cost. Again it is from the same site. Everyone has heard of Linguaphone – possibly not everyone has heard about the way you can save 85% on the cost of learning a language with them.

There are many different language courses, and many different reasons for teachers to learn new languages. There are many benefits to these courses, as it means no matter how poor your school’s professional development programme is, you are still able to show on your CV than you took action to enhance your own professional development. The question which asks for evidence of professional development over the last 2 years on your next job application could be filled in with recognised qualifications, backed up with certificate evidence, or it could be only showing in-school training. I know which the employers will be more impressed at!

How does online language classes help a school?

Are you planning to recruit the best teachers on the market. By being able to honestly say you offer a highly comprehensive British professional development program, you will outshine any competing school which lacks a recognised professional development course.

Every teacher joining a new school over seas should be given the option to learn the local language via online language classes both before they arrive and while they are working at the school. Think how much quicker they will fit in and how much better they will understand what is going on. Reducing culture shock for teachers results in happier teachers – happier teachers in turn, mean better teaching, happier pupils and better levels of staff retention. Is this not what everyone is really striving for?
Click here to try great value Online Language Courses today! What have you got to lose?

Online language classes - I find that if you stay long enough, learn the language, you get a sense of who locals are as people.

Online language classes – I find that if you stay long enough, learn the language, you get a sense of who locals are as people.

(Disclaimer: I admit this is an affiliate link for online language classes. I get paid every time someone buys one of these courses from but as I have personally completed and passed the online ESL course, I can also vouch for its quality)

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