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Time to teach has everything a teacher needs. It has been online since 1999 and recently had a huge make over, making it far more useful, not to mention more interactive than ever before. We want our readers to add their ideas, reviews and questions on the site - I want it to be the place where teacher genuinley come to ask and answer each others questions.

We have added quite a few great features... on the bottom of every page, you will now see a 'recommend this page' option - if you like a page, click it, and it will then be added to list of great pages here. I want people to see what our top 10 best pages are.

We also have in the guest book section an area where you can write about different parts of the site - what you liked or did not like or what you would like to see changed.

Where did all the odd link pages go, which use to be here?

We put them all together on one special page - click on this button to visit it!

Our Directories

Over time, I have become really interested in a range of different topics - and each time I did my research, I made it into an easy to use directory for my readers. I have collected together 5 of my best directories for your use.

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